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MoSa - the Gambian helping Hands e.V.


For MoSa - the Gambian helping Hands e.V., the promotion of education and health in the poorer regions of Gambia is of great importance.


With our projects, we want to offer children, young people and their families sustainable prospects for a self-determined life.



That is why we want to support the construction, equipping and operation of kindergartens, schools, vocational training centers and health centers with our projects by acquiring and arranging financial resources and donations in kind.





Niumi FM Radio will serve the local community’s interest. He said unlike the mainstream media, his-owned radio would not merely be talking about the community, but the people themselves in the community will make the programmes.

“This Radio will be for the people, run by the people and owned by the people. It will enhance the capacities of local people to work together to tackle a range of social problems, including poverty and exclusion, through Radio.”


Gambia - Helfernetz




The Gambia helper network is an e-mail network of more than 450 full-time and voluntary supporters of refugees, mainly from Baden-Württemberg, but also from other federal states. All participants have explicitly registered in the network.


Many of them personally support one or more Gambians or volunteer in groups of helpers and asylum friends. Many participants work full-time with refugees - in Caritas, Diakonie, AWO, DRK and other welfare organizations. There are also a number of integration officers from cities and municipalities.


The Gambia Helfernetz has set itself the task of monitoring the situation of Gambian refugees and providing information that is particularly important for Gambier in Germany. In addition, we also monitor the situation of deportees and voluntary returnees in the country, with whom we are often still in contact.


The network is coordinated by volunteers from the Breisach Helferkreis.