About me

Yahya Sonko

  • CEO and Founder of Niumi Fm is  living in Germany with his family, Mr Sonko is a well know Gambia Migration activist in Germany, he is known for helping Gambians and other African migrants in Europe about their asylum laws and integration procedures.
  • I was born in the end part of the First Republic and grow up in the era of Dictatorship in The Gambia. My Family is from a rural village called NIUMI BERENDING in NORTH BANK REGION OF THE GAMBIA. I am from a extended family with 13 brothers and sisters all depend on our father who knows nothing but poor farming as a living.
  • I struggled to be educated because my Father gave more priority to agriculture, i started hard farming as early as 10years old. But with my motivations and Inspiration from my elder brother Lamin i was able to realize my wishes to go to school to learn, when i  agraduated from school, i had a Ambition to attend Collage to learn to be a teacher to be able to inculcate good Moral values and knowledge to the young Generation. I teach for complete 5 years as a teacher in The Gambia.
  • Due to the nature and dangers in Dictatorship and tyranny i was force to leave my country which lead me to go through illegal migration (BACKWAY).
  • I arrived in Italy 22.12.2015 and was in Sicily for 11 days then moved to Milano Cesate where i lived from January to August, open my arrival in Milano as a migrant i realized that there Was a big need to help fellow African migrants. My Ambitions to inculcate good Moral values and knowledge to fellow human beings came to practice, i started my work to Advocate for refugees rights, and become a known refugee activist in Milano area.
  • Mid of August  2016 1 came to Germany and i was in Heidelberg PHV Refugee Camp, at the time nearly 1000 Gambians where in this Camp with me but non of us got a single chances of schooling to learn Language,  i started organizing Gambians to come together share ideas and opinions on how to help ourselves withing the Camp, this lead me to take extra mile to go in Heidelberg City start asking and communicating to individuals, officials and Associations on how to get help for fellow African migrants, this exposed me to many good Networks and refugee Supporters.
  • Now in Germany am almost known very well as a Refugee activist in Germany.  I attended lot of Workshops,  serminars and Training on Migration policy, integrations , Asylum procedures and Regulations.