Gambians To Get Deported From Germany On Wednesday, Anti-Deportation Site Says

The Fatou Network

A group of Gambians will get deported by Germany on Wednesday March 3, according to an alarm found on No Border Assembly’s website.

The No Border Assembly is a Berlin/Brandenburg based weekly meeting-space to organize resistance against borders.

Talk of Gambians getting deported from Germany has raged in the past days and weeks. The Gambia government has been tight-lipped about it.

The assembly’s website said: “Our sources of information are Aktion Bleiberecht, NGOs such as Flüchtlingsräte and other activist networks. We do our best to only use trusted sources for the information that we spread.

“We confirm with flightradar data whether a charter-flight happened. The above database is verified with the help of latest Kleine Anfrage (currently confirmed until 30.6.2020).”