Gambians Germany Wanted To Deport Spent Hours At Airport And Later Taken Back To Detention Centre, Yahya Sonko Says

A group of Gambians that Germany wanted to deport on Wednesday spent hours at the airport in Germany before being whisked back to a detention facility, Gambia Refugee Association spokesman Yahya Sonko has said.

The official had told news outlets including The Fatu Network a plane carrying Gambians living in Germany would arrive in the country Wednesday afternoon. The foreign ministry would not comment on the issue.

According to Mr Sonko, he on Wednesday spoke to two of the Gambians who confirmed Germany officials were “taking them back to Pforzheim Deportation prison, they were taking to Frankfurt Airport since in the morning delayed happened but they were not told why and shortly before 23pm they were told you deportation for today is cancelled till further notice”.

Some Gambians online have claimed the deportation report is false.